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Automatic Fire Extinguishing Apparatus for Commercial Kitchen

  • Special Features
  • Detail Specifications
Special Features of KISEN-100, Automatic Fire Extinguishing Apparatus for Commercial Kitchen
· 3 Zones can be controlled with one control part.
· One zone consists of 1 nozzle and 1 temperature sensor as a basic package. Maximum 5 nozzles and 6 temperature sensors may be installed. 1 fire extinguisher is installed in 1 zone.
· one-touch type piping is used for connecting the fire extinguisher to the nozzle. The length of the piping can be from minimum 5m to maximum 30m.
· As additional functions, an alarm function is reinforced by adopting outside siren, and link with other devices is available through contact point signal.

Operating Principle of KISEN-100
Outbreak of Fire
Sense the set temperature for fire or operate the manual switch
Fire signal is transmitted to control part
Each function starts working Duct damper works → Gas shut off device works → Motor head of fire extinguisher works
Fire extinguishing chemical sprayed → Fire extinguisging starts
Omnidirectional fire fighting by the soray nozzle at each position inside/outside of cooking facility
Possibility of KISEN
· Most of fires in modern restaurants grow larger as many high temperature fire facilities and inflammables such as cooking oil are used there. And as many people go in and out of the reataurants, a fire is likely to result in loss of life.
· Recently, if a big fire breaks in a reataurant, which leads to damages, the restaurant suffers secondary intangible damage such as falling of its image as well as direct loss due to suspension of business. So our perception of fire safety need to be changed.
· In America and Europe, reataurants have adopted commercial automatic fire fighting system in the kitchen since long time ago, and have got practical effects.
· We need to detect anf extinguish fires at the early stage of outbreak. Kisen-100 may minimize tangible and intangible property losses by providing customers with the fire fighting equipment optimized to their facilities.
KISEN-100 installation pictures (example)
Detail Specifications of KISEN-100
Control Part KC-100
Item Specification
Material Steel or SUS
Available Temperature Setting Range 0℃~999℃
Setting Zone(per 1 control part) Max. 3 Zones can be set
Installation quantities of devices
(per 1 control part)
Fire extinguisher : 1 per each zone
Nozzle : Max. 5 per each Zone
Temperature Sensor : Max. 6 per each Zone
Size 700×700×200
Operating Temperature Range -20℃~40℃
Fire Extinguishing Part KF-110
Item Specification
Material KSD 3698, Thickness 1.2T
Dimension Ø200 × 587㎜
Inside Volume about 13.5l
Pressurization Method Nitrogen Compression Method
Charging Pressure 9.8㎏/㎠
Starting Method Motor-started opening method
Main Ingredient of Fire Extinguishing Chemical Potassium Carbonate(K2CO3, reinfirced liquid)
Fjection Time 60seconds
Operating Temperature Range -20℃~40℃
Temperature Sensor KT100
Item Specification
Sensing Method Temperature Sensor Type(THERMISTOR Type)
Primary Sensing Temperature 90℃(Setting is possible)
Secondary Sensing Temperature 130℃(Setting is possible)
Operating Range 0 ~ 300℃
Gas Detection Part KD100
Item Specification
Detection Method Catalytic Combustion Method
Detectable Gas LNG,LPG
Detectable Concentration LPG 600 ~ 4500ppm, / LNG 600 ~ 12,500ppm
Gas Detection Method Diffusion Method
Operating Range -20℃ ~ 40℃
Gas Shut-off Part KS100
Item Specification
Shut-off Method Gear-operated Method
Shut-off Speed within 8 seconds
Shut-off Touque 65kgf.㎝
Durability 6,000 times or more
Driving Control Method Motor Driven, Limit S/W Method
Operating Temperature Range -20℃ ~ 40℃
Operating Voltage DC12V(Left) / DC24V(Right)
Specification 20A(Left) / 40A(Right)
Nozzle KNZ100SET
Item Specification
Nozzle No NZ101 NZ201 NZ301 NZ401 NZ501 NZ601
60 sec 60 sec 60 sec 60 sec 60 sec 60 sec 60 sec
Ejection Amoun 2229g 3115g 2245g 2822g 994g 3506g
Ejection Angle 45 80 45 45 30 80
Installed Devices Duct Range Fryer/PLENUM Replacement fuel/Roasting Device Sun Grill Fryer/Cooking Steel Plate
Material Copper Alloy / Chrome-Coated
Manual Switch KMSW100
Item Specification
Driving Method Contact Point Method
Operating Temperature -10℃ ~ 50℃
Material Fire Retardant ABS
Siren KISEN-KES100
Item Specification
Dimension 134㎜ × 115㎜ × 48㎜
Operating Voltage DC 24V
Audio Alarm 90 ~ 100 dB
Flash Alarm 1.2WS
Flashing Interval about 1.5 seconds
Flash Life about 30,000 hours
Distance between installation fixing holes 65㎜

* Siren is an optional item