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Downward Lowering Ladder for Escape

Escape Ladder EG-100

Applied to fire safety apparatuses of evacuation instruments defined by Notification No. 2011-27 dated on Nov. 2011 of National Emergency Management Agency in accordance with Enforcement Ordinance No. 46 of Building Act(Installation of Fire-proof Block)

Type approved and authorized by Korea Fire Industry Technology Institute
Qualified in the test by Fire Insurers Laboratories of Korea
Outside of hatch 655 ×690

Classification Size and Name Remarks
Storage case Material Stainless(Cold rolling SUS304) Upper 1.5t
Ladder main body STEP spacing 344mm Main body
STEP Width 326mm -
Material Hot rolling Steel Zinc galvanizing, Chrome treatment
Forms Height Type Story Height
For apartment
External diameter : 655(W)X690(L)
Internal diameter : 610(W)X640(L)
201(H)~250(H) 7 Steps 2,480~2,890
8 Steps 2,890~3,230
9 Steps 3,230~3,580
General buildings such as offices and dormitories
External diameter : 650(W)X730(L)
Internal diameter : 600(W)X680(L)
10 Steps 3,580~3,920
11 Steps 3,920~4,260
12 Steps 4,260~4,610

Attach sound absorption material on the top and bottom plate. Sound is absorbed primarily by bottom plate and remaining sound is absorbed secondarily by top plate.

Double Noise Cancellation

There is no need for a separate tool when escaping, and the inside of the house is not visible even if you open the door.
(Boundary plates may be obstacles to evacuation)

PRIVACY(Anti-crime, Separated movement of top bottom plate, Kids lock)

The product is installed with locking device attached in order to prevent invasion of privacy. In case of emergency, press the acrylic at the upper part with a hand, then the acrylic is broken and the opening device buttom at the lower part is pressed to open the device.

Options - Top part finish / Locking Device