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Fire extinguisher

  • Dry Powder Fire Exinguisher
  • Manual Fire Extinguisher
  • Automatic Diffusion Fire Extinguisher
  • K class fire extinguisher(Use on cooking oil fires)
Structure of Compressed Dry Powder Fire Exinguisher
From Ability Unit Total Weight Powder Weight Discharging Time Discharging Distance Height Outer Diameter
Compressive - 0.7kg A:1 B:1 C:Applicable 1.5kg 0.7kg 10sec 2~3m 309㎜ 83㎜
Compressive - 1.5kg A:2 B:3 C:Applicable 2.8kg 1.5kg 10sec 4~5m 350㎜ 125㎜
Compressive - 2.5kg A:2 B:4 C:Applicable 4.0kg 2.5kg 12sec 4~5m 395㎜ 135㎜
Compressive - 3.3kg A:3 B:5 C:Applicable 5.2kg 3.3kg 12sec 4~5m 450㎜ 145㎜
Compressive - 20kg A:10 B:20 C:Applicable 36kg 20kg 33sec 6m 910㎜ 284㎜
Pipe for discharging the powder
Safety Pin
Sealing String
Pressure Indicator
Extinguishing Powder and Nitrogen Gas
Hose Hanger
Cylinder Support
Bracket for Vehicle

* Production of the vehicle fire extinguisher
Structure of the 20Kg Manual Fire Extinguisher
Pipe for discharging the powder
Safety Pin
Sealing String
Pressure Indicator
15A Ball Valves
· Particular inspection is not required since it is possible to check inner pressure just by watching the pressure indicator with the naked eyes.
· Since Nitrogen(N2) is used, the ability to extinguish is excellent because the pressure changes upon temperature changes are not so big.
· Such effcient extinguishing activity is possible since 'Press the lever' means discharge and 'Release the lever' means block.
· It has high extinguishing ability since it has a strong discharging ability and this ability can reach such a long distance.
· Since the hose hanger is fixed, it is ensured that the hose and the hose hanger do not get removed.(Patent)

* The Compressed Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher from "HANKOOK FIRE FLIGHTING EQUIPMENT" quarantees such excellent extinguishing ability and the perfect after sales service as well. Since there is the Indication Pressure Gage attached, it is very easy to make the walk-around inspection.
Components and Specifications of Automatic Diffusion Fire Extinguishing Equipment
Type No. Diffusion 13-1 72℃
Chemical Weight 3kg 10seconds
Charging Pressure 7~9.8kg/㎠ 4.58kg
Operating Temperature Range -20~40℃
Nominal Protection Space 1㎡
Type of Fire Extinguishing Performance for general fire and for fire on electric equipment
· Laundry, Drying Room
· Boiler Room and Kitchen of Apartment and / or House
· Kitchen, Machinery Room, and Guest Room of Motel or Hotel
· Working Room, Substation Room, Machinery Room, and Warehouse of Factory
· Guest Room and Machinery Room of Fishing Boat and / or Ship
· Various kinds of Oil Distributro and / so Storage
· In case of fire, it automatically starts working to extinguish the fire by detecting the heat of 72℃
· No any specific construction to equip is required and it is very easy to install.
· By the pressure indication guage, working (pressure within the instrument) status can be confirmed by the naked eyes.
· The powder charged are not harmful for human being and domestic animal, Even though it is stained to machine, furniture, clothes, and so on, it can be simply cleaned and removed.(The chief ingredients of the powder : NH₄,H₂,PO₄)
· The chief ingredients of the powder N₂(Nitrogen), it does not get solidified.
Heatproof Plate
Gas Inlet
Gas Inlet Plug
Top Plate of Container
Bottom Plate of Container
Neck O-ring washer
Container Fastening Nut
Ceiling Installation Bracket
-1 O-ring
-2 O-ring
How to install and Cautions
· Fix the ceiling installation bracket vertically onto the ceiling tightly and put in the body by turning it clockwise
· Attach the pressure gauge after checking whether the needle is at the normal position.
· It is necessary to check whether the pressure gauge needle is at the normal position at least once a month.
· If the pressure gauge needle is at a wrong position or if you have any problem in installation, please contact with a selling store or our head office
K class fire extinguisher(Use on cooking oil fires)
Type approval No. Manual Fire Extinguisher 16-24
Agent type(Capacity) Wet chemical 4.0L
Extinguisher types Class A:K
Total weight 6.9Kg
Discharge range 3~5m
Discharge time 60 seconds
Working pressure 0.97MPa
Operating temperature range -20℃~40℃
In the case of K-type fire, the temperature difference between the flash point and the ignition point is small (about 60 degrees), the boiling point is higher than the ignition point (about 360 degrees in ignition point, about 400 degrees in boiling point) There is a phenomenon. Therefore, in order to extinguish the surface, it is necessary to instantaneously choke the surface to block the flame, and to cool the combustion source (cooking oil) rapidly.

※ One or more of the fire extinguishers to be installed in the kitchen of a restaurant should be installed with a K-class fire extinguisher.